Automatic Teams Up With the Oregon DEQ To Provide Consumers A New Method For Testing Vehicle Emissions

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, Automatic, the company bringing the power of the internet into every car on the road, announced they are participating in the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s new program called DEQ Too™.

“We’re excited to be working with them to empower consumers to use the Automatic adapter to help maintain clean air in Oregon.”

Automatic is a San Francisco-based connected car company that builds connected car adapters that plug in under the dashboard, sync with the driver’s smartphone, and monitor vehicle data in the Automatic app. Working with the Oregon DEQ, Automatic’s existing adapters can now be used for DEQ too using the company’s new AutoSmog app. In the Portland and Medford areas of Oregon, cars must go through DEQ’s emissions check every two years. Whenever an Automatic customer chooses, emissions-related data will be transmitted from their car directly to DEQ who evaluates the data and makes the ultimate pass/fail determination. Motorists can conveniently access their test results at

The smog check app, AutoSmog, is a free app that provides an easy way for consumers to take care of smog check using Automatic connected car adapters. AutoSmog works with both the Automatic Pro, Automatic’s flagship adapter with 3G, always-on connectivity, or the Automatic second-generation adapter. For more information, please visit

“This is the first program of its kind in the nation and we see it revolutionizing the vehicle emissions testing industry. Oregon DEQ’s decision to embrace the private sector and innovate in the smog check space is highly commendable,” said Jerry Jariyasunant, Co-Founder of Automatic. “We’re excited to be working with them to empower consumers to use the Automatic adapter to help maintain clean air in Oregon.”

After meeting certain technical specifications, terms and conditions, telematics companies like Automatic can enroll in the program which leverages private sector technology to provide Oregon’s growing population with more vehicle emission testing methods. Motorists can choose to take care of their DEQ test at Clean Air Stations, purchase an Automatic Pro, or briefly plug-in a device at locations such as repair shops and auto dealerships. While DEQ does not endorse any provider or method over another, Automatic was the first company to enroll in the program.

About Automatic

Automatic is the company connecting every car on the road to the internet and empowering drivers with knowledge about themselves and their cars so they can be safer and drive smarter. By pairing Automatic’s award-winning connected car adapter and apps for iPhone and Android, Automatic helps customers drive smarter — with applications that diagnose engine trouble, detect accidents and send emergency response, and help customers save money on driving. The Automatic Pro adapter is a flagship adapter with a cellular connection priced at $129.95. Automatic is available for sale at, Best Buy and Amazon with no ongoing service fees. For more information, visit


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