OmegaFlex Launches New CSST Safety Website Highlighting Unmatched Benefits of TracPipe CounterStrike® CSST

MIDDLETOWN, Conn.--()--OmegaFlex, Inc., (NASDAQ: OFLX) the leading provider of flexible gas tubing, today launched its newly revamped website, The website provides scientifically-backed information on the superior safety and technology benefits of TracPipe CounterStrike, the Company’s highly regarded corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) product.

“Safety is OmegaFlex’s top priority and fundamental to everything we do”

“Safety is OmegaFlex’s top priority and fundamental to everything we do,” said Kevin Hoben, OmegaFlex’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our new website reflects that commitment by providing construction professionals, the fire community, code and elected officials and the general public with clear, factual information about TracPipe CounterStrike, the most trusted CSST product on the market.”

In addition to detailing TracPipe CounterStrike’s numerous benefits, the website refutes misinformation that manufacturers of black iron pipe and other CSST products are using for their self-interested purposes.

Highlights of the website include detailed case studies and scientific reports, engaging graphics and video content related to:

  • TracPipe CounterStrike’s superior design and technology that makes it the only CSST product to solve the problem of lightning damage to gas piping systems and allows it to outperform all of its peers.
  • Black iron pipe’s deadly track record and its outdated technology.
  • CSST’s history and how it outperforms black iron pipe in all situations, including in fires, lightning events and earthquakes.
  • Titeflex Corporation’s efforts to replace the trusted national standards that have governed the design of CSST products for the past 25 years with its unproven, patented product listing.
  • National fire statistics and the low probability of CSST-related fires, and how the increased use of CSST has led to a decline in the number of residential lightning fires.

OmegaFlex first introduced TracPipe CounterStrike in 2004 and it quickly became the safest and top selling CSST product. It has more than 10 years of proven field performance and 125 million feet of the product has been installed in homes and buildings across the United States. TracPipe CounterStrike is designed to the rigorous ANSI LC-1 standards and has a built-in solution to protect homes and buildings against lightning damage without the need for additional bonding.

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