Electrik Beach Brings Styku 3D Body Scanning to Michigan

MONROE, Mich.--()--Dieters and fitness buffs rejoice: Local spa company Electrik Beach Spas says they’ve got a better way to measure diet and exercise success. It’s “Styku” 3D body scanning – and they’re the only company in Michigan that has it.

“It’s really a revolutionary tool for people who are serious about weight loss and fitness”

According to Electrik Beach Spas’ management, the Styku system is the easiest, most accurate way for dieters and fitness enthusiasts to get complete, accurate measurements of virtually all body dimensions. It’s a touchless, tape measure-free digital system that uses a Microsoft-powered 3D camera to quickly scan its subject from all angles, immediately delivering precise results. Dieters can quickly assess where they’re losing inches – and where they might want to focus their attention.

The Styku system analyzes the results and prepares automated reports that are emailed directly to the client. The system also tracks changes over time, letting customers gauge their progress towards fitness and weight loss goals.

“It’s really a revolutionary tool for people who are serious about weight loss and fitness,” says Adrienne Aaron, Electrik Beach Spas’ CEO. “In a few seconds, the system measures waist, thighs, chest, calves, hips – whatever you want to measure – and analyzes the results. You can see exactly how your body is changing over time.”

Aaron cites the system’s advantages over traditional tape-based measuring. “Tape measurements are pretty inaccurate; it’s hard to measure the exact same area every time,” she explains. “This system creates consistent, super-accurate measurements and digital images – you can see exactly where you’re slimming down or bulking up, and by how much.

“Best of all, the measuring is done in a matter of seconds, and is totally touch-free. You don’t have to stand there for half an hour fumbling with a tape, or having someone invading your personal space.”

The Styku 3D body scanning system has proven itself popular in European resorts and spas, as well as in select locations on the eastern and western U.S. coasts. Its arrival at Electrik Beach Spas marks its debut in the Midwest.

Aaron is sure that the system will prove equally popular in southeast Michigan. “People who are working hard to get in shape deserve to know exactly how their results are paying off. The Styku system helps them do that.”


Electrik Beach Spas
Adrienne Aaron, 734-777-7038