GNCC Capital, Inc. Acquires a Reputation Management Company

NEW YORK--()--GNCC Capital, Inc. (OTC:GNCP) (“The Company”) has acquired a 100% interest in a Reputation Management company and with immediate effect.

“McCracken, Alamo, North Rawhide, White Hills, Esther Basin, Burnt Well, Clara, Kit Carson, Silverfields and Potts Mountain”

This Reputation Management Company is based in Southern California; and operates in the “Internet SEO and Social Media” space.

This Company meets our acquisition criteria track record requirements: namely, established Management, strong sustainable revenues, cash flow and profits with minimal Capital expenditure requirements and little to no Accounts Receivable or Inventory. The Company has a 6 year track record and strong Management whom will continue on long term Agreements.


GNCC has acquired the entire interest in a Reputation Management Company (“RM”), effective September 18, 2014. RM will contribute to the Company’s revenues with immediate effect and will be accounted for in the Company’s Annual Results to September 30, 2014.

The Company acquired RM through the issuance of shares of Series H Convertible Preferred Stock.

Full details of this acquisition have been filed today on the OTC Markets Disclosure Service. A Link to this Filing:

The Directors of RM have prepared a very extensive “Management Discussion Analysis” on the business on RM, this has been filed today on the OTC Markets Disclosure Service. A Link to this Filing:

The Company will not be taking any impairment charges on this acquisition as it is comprised of various fixed and tangible assets and goodwill. No liabilities are being assumed in this acquisition.

GNCC and RM have entered into initial three year service and employment agreements with the Directors of RM.


RM is a well-established and profitable company, specializing in Reputation Management for Brands and Individuals and it is at the cutting edge of this industry. The directors, have an extremely solid and proven track record, in building and scaling on-line businesses.

RM has a very stable revenue stream and an impressive client list on which to build further. The white- hat expertise and techniques used incorporate; Social Media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This acquisition will enable management to focus on growing revenues and continuing their development of software, which will automate the vast majority of the processes required.

RM are currently in beta mode for, what will be, the first Reputation Monitoring and Management software, enabling Politicians to manage how they are perceived online. The software will be used to help identify conversations that appear online, offer up solutions and to be proactive in preventing these from staying in the search engines and to keep up to date on conversations that are being said about their constituents. The software will not only aggregate, in real time, content that exists on the web, but will take it one step further and offer up suggestions on what to do when the content does appear.

Clients will purchase the software and have access to the data. There will also be a business model to help service clients when they do not have a team internally to help respond to negative or positive press that appears online.

The market size is huge, with political marketing expected to grow to over $20b by 2016 in the US. This is not only fueled by national election years, but also local state and city elections. In addition to the US market, there is interest being expressed from both Mexico and the Philippines

Reputation Management is amongst the fastest growing sectors of the on-line industry. The explosive growth of the Internet has dramatically changed the demands of reputation management. There are few barriers to publishing online, and every author has at least the potential of reaching broad audiences. There are also few laws regulating online information. Content is often posted anonymously, and website operators have legal immunity over what is posted on their sites. In many cases there is no one to prosecute, and no leverage to demand retractions.

Online reputation management (ORM) first appeared in the mid-1990s, and has grown along with Internet use. These changes have also forced a much more proactive stance toward the protection of brand integrity. Security professionals now have a broad mandate for investigating, addressing and resolving online threats to the reputation of their company and its executives.


The Company has appointed the Chief Executive Officer of this Reputation Management Company, David J. Harris to its Advisory Committee and with immediate effect.


In addition to the revenues, profits, growth and new directions mentioned above, the Directors of GNCC see additional benefits in that this acquisition will enable GNCC and its main operating Subsidiary companies to (a) utilize the strengths and internal expertise of RM to complete upon its various required corporate web sites, and (b) position GNCC and its various subsidiaries on the web and on Internet Search Engines, and (c) allow GNCC and its various subsidiaries to draw upon the acquired company’s combined Management and Employee talent in order, and to (d) to favorably position GNCC and its subsidiaries on various internet search engines for the benefit of its stockholders.

About GNCC Capital, Inc.:

GNCC Capital, Inc. is a Diversified Holding Company which at present has a number of subsidiary companies which are engaged in the owning and operation of Adult Social Gaming Arcades in South Florida, Internet and Social Media Reputation Management based in California and is in Mining Exploration in Arizona. GNCC Capital, Inc. is a Current Information Filer on the OTC Markets.

The Company’s Adult Social Gaming Arcades in South Florida currently operate under Gold Coast Gaming Corporation and as “Boardwalk Brothers” and as ”Play It Again”. The Company will aggressively continue to pursue suitable acquisition targets in South Florida in this Sector.

The Company’s Gold & Silver Mining Exploration properties are located in Arizona and consist of “McCracken, Alamo, North Rawhide, White Hills, Esther Basin, Burnt Well, Clara, Kit Carson, Silverfields and Potts Mountain".

The Company intends to continue to diversify into other Industry Sectors through acquisitions as they present themselves and only upon our stated criteria.

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